User made maebiki saws from France, part deux

Bensonlook Son was kind enough to send me a followup on making a maebiki. For this saw, he used a 2.5 mm thick by 10 inch wide plate. The teeth were cut at 2 points per 2 cm (about 1½ ppi). He was able to grind a taper in the blade so that it was narrower at the top compared to the toothline. This must have been a labor of love since it took over 10 hours to complete, and required a great deal of care in removing the same amount of metal from either side of the plate, and to avoid twisting and ruining the temper of the steel from the heat of grinding.

Bensonlook mentioned that the steel still needs hardening, but doesn’t have an easy way of doing this. Although he said this about his saw:

I hope it will be hard enough. I tried the saw on (very dried) oak , it seem to work correctly.

Sounds like the steel’s hard enough to me.

My hat’s off to Bensonlook. He did a great job.

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