This is the full version of the video created by Professor Yasunori Kawai and Honorary Professor Chutaro Kato at Yamagata University, as part of their research in the role of chipbreakers, which they call cap irons, in planing. Mia Iwasaki did the initial translation of the audio and captions in this video, after which I edited the translation and added subtitles to the video.

In this video, the setup of the experiments is more fully described, and the comments are directly from Professors Kawai and Kato, rather than my own guesses as to what was going on. I’m just happy that I wasn’t more off in my interpretations than I was.

This is fascinating, and the whole video is well worth the watch, even if you’ve already seen the excerpts previously posted.

(Thanks again to Bill Tindall for his role in obtaining a copy of this video and the permission from Professors Kawai and Kato to share it, and to Mia Iwasaki for her translating. And thanks to Professors Kawai and Kato for generously sharing their work.)


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